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Updated on 15 January 2020
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If I told you that porno has been around for close to 100 years now, would you believe me? Well, depending on the side of the world you were born, you might have missed a lot of it. So, if you are a fan of a big bush, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get ready to dive into the deep end of vintage porn;

The first thing TheDude porno noted on loading Tube porno Classic is the availability of several different languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian or Polish. Kudos to the team at TubePornClassic for ensuring that most of the classic porno lovers can come around and have a peek from all over the world. Honestly, it sucks when you want to watch smut, and you can’t hear or read shit.

The charm of classic porno clearly still exists. The site features a retro logo that will make you feel so 1970s and rightly so because most of the porno is from those good old days. From the navigation bar, you are hit with the latest additions, top rated updates, most viewed retro clips, albums, a categories page, a models index, and a playlists section where you can add your favorite movies if you fancy signing up for an account. There is also an upload button where you can share your retro porno content with the world, but only if you sign up. And it’s all free so, why not?

Allow me to look into the content, that is, over 48,000 old videos to be precise. That’s a whole lot of classic porn, isn’t it? Are you thinking that porno from the archives sucks? Well, I’m sure that after you check these categories, you will reconsider. They include anal, Asian, ass to mouth, bald, BBW, BDSM, big boobs, big butts, black, blonde, brunette, bukkake, cheerleaders, creampie, cuckold, double penetration, gangbang, old-young, outdoor, POV, public, swallow, swingers, threesome, voyeur, I really can’t exhaust the list. Even better, you‘ll be able to see the number of videos per category. Expect to see lots of deepthroats, hairy pussies, sex toys and more.

Regarding the length of the videos, TheDude porno was pleasantly surprised to see longer clips and even some full vintage porno movies. Of course, I wasn’t expecting any HD videos as some of these videos were shot 30-40 years ago and have probably been ripped from VHS. But that’s what vintage is all about, isn’t it?

TheDude porno was also overwhelmed to find a section for albums where you will find scanned copies of porno magazines like ‘New Cunts’, ‘Pleasure of Copenhagen’, ‘Teenage Sex’, ‘Pussy Cat’, ‘Sex Bizarre’ and others. As you would expect, photo quality could be a bit better but because its classic porn, I will look the other way. Either way, you get to see everything that’s going on and even read a few articles. Not too bad, is it?

Apart from the videos, there is a model index containing almost 3,000 adult actresses and good filtering options. There is personal information about each model when you click their pictures while you can filter the babes by tits size, hair color, height or by country. All the beauties here are natural and there is nothing that screams plastic surgery when you look at them. Just the way TheDude porno like his women.

And what better way to connect fans of vintage porno than ensuring they stay in touch? For that sole purpose, the site features a community area where each member has a profile containing their info, get to see what’s uploaded, send messages and even add friends. You can create your own profile by registering an account for free and interact with other lovers of classic hot movies. In the member’s area, folks are from all over the world. Nice touch, team!

Unfortunately, the site lacks the features that allow you to download the videos and albums. You will have to do with streaming for now. Surely, they should consider adding the feature.

TheDude porno is willing to overlook the tapes’ quality, but I think the site may want to look at their loading speed as it is a bit on the slow side.

The site also contains ads around the video player and though it is something you expect from a free site, it is still a bit distracting. You will also encounter one pop-up which you have to close before streaming the video.

That said, TubePornClassic gives you access to full-length and free classic porno movies, erotic albums, a model index and a lot of categories. It is a great website overall and TheDude porno recommends it to his readers.

TheDude porno likes TubePornClassic's

  • Great logo
  • Great niche
  • A lot of content

TheDude porno hates TubePornClassic's

  • No download feature
  • Ads