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Updated on 15 January 2020
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We live in the age of the free porno tube. Ever since people started making websites that offer hundreds of thousands of free porno clips, it’s almost as if all other forms of porno consumption have ceased to exist. And it seems like it’s the way it should be, right? I mean, fuck the old model of paying a monthly fee to each and every porno studio’s individual website that you like. Why the fuck would you do that when there’s basically limitless tits and ass available, completely free of charge, elsewhere on the web? In other words, why pay for a little when you can get a lot for free? Plus, nowadays there are nearly an infinite number of free porno tubes for you to peruse … so, if one gets old, just jump ship to the next one!

Well, while all of this might be true, and porno tubes are good for what they are, they are still missing out on at least one key element of quality porn. And that is the length. porno tubes – or at least the majority of them, the big name, high-quality ones like porno Hub and Red Tube – might offer up tons of free content; however, a large portion of this content is essentially promotional. In other words, porno tubes do not often just give away full-length professional scenes for free. For that you probably still have to go and register with a site like Brazzers, Reality Kings, or Digital Playground.

In fact, speaking of Red Tube and porno Hub, a lot of these free sites are actually owned by the same people that own a lot of the popular premium pay studios, which even furthers the case that the real agenda of a porno tube is to seduce people into signing up for the real deal … the full-length videos, and access to all of the scenes featuring all of their favorite porno stars. One conglomerate, for example, known as Mind Geek owns a large portion of the professional porno space. Not only do they own the entire porno Hub Network (including porno Hub, Red Tube, Spank Wire, porno MD, Keez Movies, and Tube 8), but they also own sites like Brazzers, Reality Kings, and Digital Playground (just to name a few). It’s a god damned pornpoly!

Given that fact, some people have taken to torrenting to get their full-on porno fix. And one could make the argument that they aren’t really fucking anyone over in doing so. A corporation with as much money as Mind Geek and as much of the market share sort of deserves to have their content pirated, don’t you think? For a while there, I was kind of worried that I would somehow be fucking over the girls by pirating their scenes.

But once I learned that Mind Geek pretty much owns the porno industry, I said ‘fuck it.’ The girls still get paid what they get paid, either way, right? And, let me tell you, for the real stars with name recognition – like Riley Reid, Sasha Grey, Mia Khalifa, Piper Perri, etc. – the pay, for one day’s work, far exceeds what I’ll ever make in a day. Or at least what I could dream of making in a day any time soon. So, I’m not too worried about them. I will say, though, that it is good to be considerate in what you torrent. Maybe don’t torrent from really small boutique studios that could actually use the money. But when it comes to torrenting the latest Reality Kings scene starring Riley Reid? Fuck it, time to get my free fap on.

porno Leech? That’s kind of a Fucked up Name…

There are a few good torrenting sites out there that cater specifically to porn. And porno Leech is definitely one of them. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, ‘why the fuck would they name their porno site after one of the most disgusting and least sexy creatures on the planet, the leach?’ It kind of conjures some pretty disturbing images, doesn’t it? Like a sexy naked chick covered head to toe in leeches or something (for any of you sick fucks out there who got excited by that thought, don’t worry, I’m sure it’s out there somewhere…).

Maybe it’s called that because leeches suck and porno stars suck cock? Seems like a reach … No, that’s not it. If you’re a regular torrenter, the reason will be immediately clear, but if you’re relatively new to the pirating game, allow me to break it down for you. So, for every torrent in existence, you have two groups of people contributing to it. There are the seeders, who are currently making the torrent available for others; and then there are the leechers, who are currently downloading it. And, there it is … porno Leech. Just a word to the wise: nobody likes a good for nothing leech. So, if you are going to torrent something, be sure to seed it once it’s done so that others can enjoy it too! Just a little torrenting etiquette for your ass.

Why porno Leech over The Pirate Bay?

So, the big question that remains, I’d say, is, why do we need sites that are specifically dedicated to porno torrents? The Pirate Bay has a lofty XXX section … isn’t that good enough? And the answer is … absolutely not, you fucking retard! I joke … but, no, it is a fair question. Why would we need a site like porno Leech in the first place with sites like Pirate Bay out there? Well, the one thing that really makes porno Leech stand out is its comprehensive filtering and search features.

Unlike a site like Pirate Bay or something similar, porno Leech allows you to really get specific to porno categories and terms in your searches. Which means you will yield much more accurate results to what you want. When you click into any one of the sections of porno Leech, you will find a giant search box at the top, allowing you to check or uncheck selections on the fly. Firstly, you can choose the type of video you’re in the mood for. Select between any combination of Videos, HD Videos, Movies, Pictures, Hentai, Comics, 3D, Packs, or Games.

Then, porno Leech takes it like 10 steps further by allowing you to select any number of categories that pique your interest. Choose from Amateur to Virtual Reality and everything in between. The usual suspects are all present: Asian, Big Dick, Big Ass, Anal, Mature, Latin, etc. But they also have some more niche categories, such as Pissing, Lady Boy, Retro, Fisting, and Pregnant. So, that is why I would go for a site like porno Leech over TPB any day of the week. At least the days of the week that I’m looking to watch some porn. Which, let’s face it, is every day of the week.

Another thing that porno Leech has going for it that other torrenting sites do not are the ratios of seeders to leechers. So, we’ve already established what seeding and leeching is, right. Well, the thing is, if the number of leechers outweighs the number of seeders, your torrent will not download until the supply meets the demand. One huge problem that I’ve had in trying to download porno on the more mainstream torrent sites is the fact that there are, almost without fail, always more leechers than there are seeders. And the numbers of seeders tend to be on the low side. Even if the ratio is close to even, it can still result in a slow download.

Luckily, though, this doesn’t appear to be a problem on porno Leech. Almost every torrent that I came across on this site appears to have a healthy ratio of seeds to leeches, which means a problems-free, fast download. That’s the magic of creating a specific community of porno torrentors – the people of this site respect the torrenting process, as well as the need for porn. The result is a site that doesn’t make you sit around and twiddle your thumbs while you wait for a torrent to become available and then download. As quickly as your computer and internet connection will allow it, you can start putting those thumbs to use!

Awful Site Design … Function Over Style

The one thing that I don’t love about this site is its design. It looks dated and, frankly, just kind of shitty. The categories on the site menu bar, for example, all have the Playboy bunny over them. And the background is Pepto Bismol pink. It kind of looks like one of those sites from the early aughts that any bloke could just throw up in like an hour. Those Angel Fire sites. Do you remember those? Ah, those were the days. Back when Napster was still king of piracy.

All in all, this site is purely for function. And it works. It does what it says it will do. I think that it could desperately use an update, just to make it look more presentable. But, hey, if it makes you cum for free, then who am I to complain?

TheDude porno likes PornLeech's

  • Active community of torrentors
  • Good seed:leech ratios
  • Solid selection of porn
  • Awesome search engine

TheDude porno hates PornLeech's

  • Awful, cheesy, dated site design
  • Would be nice to have some in-site porno as well