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Updated on 15 January 2020
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/r/PaleGirls describes itself as being ‘dedicated to celebrating beautiful women with minimal melanin’. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the best description for a subreddit ever! As suggested, all of the content here is about chicks that aren’t tanned: just nice, pale princesses either having sex or just being photographed having fun being naked or showing off.

New material is submitted to Pale Girls about once every two hours – a mixture of both professional and amateur material is available, with some original content even being submitted by women who use Reddit and want to get some coverage of their beautiful pale bodies. The linked content is typically always images, although some videos and GIFs might sneak in from time to time to break up the standard porno paradigm.

To be honest, I just loved what was available here at /r/PaleGirls and encourage you to check it out for an awesome dose of super sexy chicks showing off their untanned bodies.

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  • Interesting niche
  • Well moderated
  • Regular submissions

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  • Mainly professional content