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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Reddit GoneWild Stories, aka r/GoneWildStories! Do you want to read the wildest sex and orgy stories of your life? You wanna hear stories that couldn’t possibly be true but somehow they are. There are hotties here who share their deepest darkest experiences and you won’t even believe that they are true. According to the description of this Reddit board, all the stories which are from anyone who is over the age of 18 are completely true and that means they really happened. Of course, you know how guys like to exaggerate some details of their stories, but let’s say these are 99% true then. Other rules for the board are that you can post a picture with your story but you don’t have to, and you have to have been a member of Reddit for more than one day.

The subreddit has over 75,000 readers which is pretty dang big considering the niche. There is everything from random MILF hookups, professor/college student relationships and husband/wife BDSM tales that have been shared. The best part is that since this thing is so popular there are always new stories being added to tease you and titillate you. It’s hard to say just how many stories there are right now but my favorite thing is just my favorite thing overall about Reddit which is that if you like something you can upvote it, and if you don’t like it you can downvote it. So, the stories which are really the best get the most attention.

On the top of the page, there are different tabs for browsing like “recent” which shows you the newest stories. Then you can see rising stories which means the ones that are getting the most attention right now. Controversial stories are the ones that people are really talking about and debating on the site and top stories are the most popular ones from the past 24 hours, this week, this month, this year or all time.

It’s incredible just how wide and varied the community is. These guys and gals sure know how to have fun in the bedroom, at least according to their true porno stories! Head on over now and check it out. You won’t be disappointed if you’re a fan of good erotic stories like me. In the end, how can I not love erotica? I am a porno writer myself, and a darn great one at that!

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  • Some stories spread over multiple days of submission