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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Asian chicks can really go wild! When it comes to “gone wild”, Asian babes are kinda the champions of it! With their little eyes, petite bodies and sometimes big natural tits, these women have a natural talent for sex and all sorts of kinky stuff! I have a friend who dated an Asian for some time and my Lord, the stories he has told me! That girl was out of this world, always ready to make my friend a pornstar. Well, they broke up, eventually, because he has found a rich Bulgarian lady. True story, I swear to God! AsiansGoneWild is a subreddit which will show you why I have said all of these things at the beginning of this review!

Reddit is a network which allows porno on its channels. Why wouldn’t they? They are better than these Facebook fuckers. At FB, if they see a nude shoulder, fuck it, they suspend you, cause, you know, fucking nudity! Are you serious? That Mark guy is a feminist or something, I don’t know! When I see him in his slippers in front of my house, asking autographs from me, it makes me laugh! What can I do, I’m TheDude porno and he’s a nobody.

AsiansGoneWild has so many beautiful chicks on it. If someone will make a post, the image will go to the NEW page. If it will have upvotes from visitors, it will go on the RISING area and from there, with even more upvotes, it will hit the HOT section (the homepage of the subreddit). It’s not hard to get there. Anyone can do it, with good materials. People want to see the good stuff. And this subreddit has almost a half a million subscribers on it, which means that you really need to come up with something good, to satisfy all of these porno fanboys.

The authors of this place are trying to tell us that the girls posted in here, are mostly amateurs. I believe them. Most of the pics look like the chick is a normal person and not a pornstar or something like that. There are some rules that you need to follow before posting. This is a civilized place and you need to do your best to follow all the rules put together by the moderators, if you want to post. If not, browse, give upvotes or downvotes and fuck off after the fap!

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